The Web Design Elements That Influence Consumer Decisions

web design elements

The Web Design Elements That Influence Consumer Decisions

web design elements

It’s no secret that a beautiful and well-designed website can attract new customers as well as keep the current customers coming back for more.

However, a website with amazing web design elements can literally sell itself for you and your business.

In this day and age, customers can go virtually anywhere to find the information and the products that they need. However, they elect for one over the other based on a few key features on the site.

Those key features are what separates a good website from an elite website.

Here are the factors of a great web design that push clients to the point of purchase.

Color Theme

Did you know that colors have different subliminal meanings to them? The colors you choose for your site are secretly sending your customers a message… and it may not be the right one.

Make sure the colors that you use for your logo and your site are lined up with the goals and ideals that your company has.

For instance, if your company is a design company that creates logos for small businesses then you may want to incorporate the color purple (associated with creativity) to your site.

That way, as soon as the customers hop on your site, they know that you have creative avenues at your disposal and that separates you from the competition.

On the other side of that, make sure your color isn’t sending the wrong message.

If you’re an arbitrator, don’t use red (excitement) in your color scheme. While it’s great that you’re passionate about the job, your clients generally don’t share that enthusiasm towards arbitration… adjust accordingly.

High-Resolution Images

Don’t ever allow a photo with a poor resolution to make its way onto your site. The moment it does, you lose credibility with your customers and first-time site visitors.

First impressions are the strongest impressions of all, and they’re hard to shake. So set yourself up for success and offer HQ images of you, your team, and the product/services you sell.

Another thing to consider is trying to match up images with those that tie in best with your site’s color theme. If your site color theme is navy and red, try to use photos that have shades of one of those two colors in them.

That will create an aesthetically-pleasing blend of your website that goes a long way with clients. It shows organization, consistency, and attention to detail!

Easy Site Navigation

Consider this: the more pages you force your customers to go through, the less likely it is that customers will attempt to find the product or service they’re looking for.

Make the transition from the content-to-product page as short as possible. Not all of your customers will be tech-savvy, and the more bouncing they have to do, the more likely they’ll exit your site completely.

From there, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get them back to your site again… that’s why building your site is so important.

Keep page tabs to 1 or 2 words as much as possible like “directory” or “contact us” so the visitors become familiar with navigation.

Calls to Action

Nothing shortens the sales cadence quicker than integrating a call to action into the content on your site.

Make sure almost every word on your site’s layout states a firm demand to your client. Using phrases like “add to cart” or “purchase now” gives the site user something to listen to. It can impulse their decision.

Simply put: if you don’t have calls to actions on your site, the client will almost never purchase a product on your pages. Customers want you to tell them what to do, they view you as the expert and are relying on your advice… advise them to buy!

Suggestive Copywriting

In the world you live in today, it’s virtually impossible for you to have too much content on your site. You simply can’t push it out fast enough.

With things like search engine optimization and keywords in play, it takes an expert to tap into the online world and push your pages to the top results page on Google.

First things first, you need to have copywriting on your site that sells itself; that’s why blogs are so helpful to have on company sites… they give your brand a voice!

The content in your copywriting can provide your customer with a sense of urgency, relatability to your brand, and start to build loyalty with your company.

Having helpful content on your site makes your customers feel like you’re looking out for them. It’s also the only evidence they feel that they need to justify buying products from you.

Directing to those products in your copy makes it even easier for them to wind up on the page to purchase your products/services.


Still not sure that your navigation bar is direct enough? Place icons on them to let people know exactly what they’ll find upon clicking it.

For instance, if your company is a lifestyle site and you have a tab that says “save” on it, put a dollar sign icon above the word. That way they know you’re referring to saving cash, not saving lives.

It sounds silly, but many words have multiple meanings and you don’t want your visitors to get the wrong impression. Setting the expectation ahead of time is always beneficial.

Witness Your Revenue Soar with These Web Design Elements

It’s plain to see that the key factor in a profitable website is the web design elements that it takes advantage of.

Building your brand on your site will help you reach new customers by strengthening your online presence within the marketplace.

Be sure to read this article on the benefits of SiteCore and it’s involvement in building your online presence.

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further.