White-Label Databerry Services for Your Business

The Databerry® Reseller Program is designed to empower a wide array of businesses, from digital agencies and web designers to developers, MSPs, and VARs. This program offers an opportunity to generate revenue by integrating managed Application services or Web solutions into your existing portfolio of products and services.


Enhance Your Business Portfolio

Grow with Databerry’s Expertise as a Reseller

Our straightforward and user-friendly reseller program enables you to capitalize on Databerry’s global brand, opening new avenues and simplifying the resale of our solutions to your clients and prospects. We support you in becoming a trusted advisor to your customers by offering a comprehensive range of managed cloud solutions and expertise. This approach not only adds value for your clients but also fosters repeat business opportunities for you.

Maximize Earnings with Reseller Discounts

Increase Your Margins with Every Sale

Becoming a part of our reseller program opens doors to essential benefits, empowering you to develop and sell Databerry solutions to your prospects and customers. Our program provides competitive reseller discounts, enhancing your profit margins and offering significant competitive advantages. Additionally, you’ll gain access to marketing and sales resources tailored to support your expanding business needs.

Tier-Based Monthly Benefits for All Services

As a reseller, you’ll also enjoy monthly benefits across our entire service range, proportionate to your tier level within the program.

Program Level Revenue Attainment Discount
Registered $1,300 – $10,000 5%
Select $10,001 – $100,000 15%
Premier $100,001+ 20%

Program Benefits

Rewarding Our Reseller Partners

  • Attractive Discount Scheme: Benefit from a competitive discount structure
  • Earnings on Renewals and Upgrades: Receive compensation for client renewals and service upgrades
  • Personalized Support: Access to a dedicated partner account manager for tailored assistance

Program Requirements

Quick and Simple Participation Process

  • Register Opportunities: Use the Databerry partner portal for opportunity registration
  • Initial Training: Complete onboarding and online training for Databerry products/services within the first 90 days of joining the program
  • First-Level Support: Offer primary support to your clients, with the option to utilize Databerry’s support as needed
  • Billing and Accounting Assistance: Manage billing and account management for the services you resell

Enhance Your Customer Offerings

Introduce Databerry’s extensive array of services alongside your own, setting your desired margins for added profitability!