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Why Your Business Needs Shopping Cart Software

Web based sales (or ecommerce) has never been more important in the world of business today. Ecommerce solutions are in hot demand by businesses of all shapes and sizes. After all, it just makes sense. In 2011 for example, about $1.1 trillion in retail sales were “web-influenced.” That is a huge market, and it is only getting larger. By next year, more than half of all retail purchases made in the United States will come from online shopping — and that’s only retail! As a result, businesses are taking advantage of ecommerce designers and different types of software (such as “shopping cart software“) that connect the business to the customer in ways never seen before.

Custom software is special software tailored to the business’s wants and needs. There are many different specialty software options out there. Magento, for example, is an open-sourced software that provides a basic “template” for ecommerce designs. Because it is open-sourced, Magento design can be modified, added on, or otherwise changed to fit the needs of a business. Open-sourced software is very popular as a shopping cart software in that it can be altered to meet the needs of not only the merchant but the customer.

And as online consumerism continues to rise, businesses need to develop custom software in order to stay afloat. Fortunately, Magento and other open-source ecommerce software makes paying for good and services via the Internet a breeze. They are becoming so prevalent, in fact, that they are being designed in order to be compatible with mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets! Mobile phone use is on the rise as well with more than five billion people around the world using a smartphone. Businesses that don’t want to get left behind should consider ecommerce solutions.

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