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What Does Your Medical Website Need?

Any medical practitioner in the 21st century understands the importance of having a website. Like any other business, medical practices need websites to promote their services, maintain visibility and relevance in the community, and to broad their client base.
However, building a medical website design is a unique process that can be tricky at times. While the design principles should be similar to any other website, a healthcare website design has to appeal to a very specific audience. Unfortunately, many medical professionals are so good at their jobs that they never had a chance to brush up on skills such as web design. It might be difficult for them to craft the perfect website for a medical office consequently.

Here are three things a website for a medical office needs to have to be successful:

    1. Content
      This is important for any website, but it’s particularly necessary for physician website design. Medical websites are geared toward clients and physicians, and because of this, there should be regular content that addresses essential questions and topics that are relevant to this field. Did you know that 72% of Internet users today have searched the web in order to find health-related information? Keeping a blog with up-to-date, knowledgeable content is a way for potential clients to see your authority and understanding of the field, helping to build trust and increase your client base.
    2. Mobile Optimization
      Have a headache? Need to see a doctor? Chances are, there’s an app for that. Did you know that approximately 80% of time spent on mobile is on applications? And considering smart-phone usership is increasing by 42% annually, it would be a mistake not to optimize your site for mobile usage and to create an app. Through these custom mobile applications, clients will be able to more easily access your medical services.
    3. Contact Information
      Though this might seem obvious, many businesses fail to provide adequate contact information on their sites, making it harder for customers to find them and use their services. Make sure it’s listed clearly on the home-page, including hours and directions if necessary. This also improves a site’s search engine optimization strategy, as it will help Google to direct users to your page.If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.