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Three of the Best Widgets You Should Use on Your WordPress Site

One of the best things about WordPress is that it allows you to put custom widgets on your site, which can not only improve the end user experience, but can also make your work on the site easier. Here are just a few awesome WordPress widgets you might want to consider using.

Rating Widgets

A rating widget will allow users to rate your site’s posts, pages, and comments. This makes your site more engaging and interactive, while also giving you a great way to get feedback from your site’s users. Using a rating widget will also give you the ability to list the top rated articles, so users can get to the good stuff right away.

YouTube Widgets

If you use YouTube, you should consider getting some WordPress widgets that will allow you to more fully integrate your YouTube presence onto your site. There are WordPress widgets out there that can allow you to create sidebars with your latest YouTube videos, or even suggest some of your other YouTube videos when a user is done watching one.

Social Media Widgets

Speaking of YouTube, you should definitely use WordPress widgets that allow users to like, share, and post your content on to social media. These are vital to the success of your site, as social media is far and away the biggest platform for content sharing. After all, 27,000,000 pieces of content get shared each day. Yours should be, too. And this all is just to name a few. Not only are there tons of other awesome WordPress widgets already out there, and there are even more that haven’t been invented yet because you haven’t gotten them built! If you have great ideas for WordPress widgets, why not get a WordPress development company’s team of WordPress developers to help you build them? Who know, maybe your idea could become the next big widget to be used by WordPress sites across the far reaches of cyberspace? If you have any questions about these WordPress widgets, feel free to ask in the comments.