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Pros and Cons: Off the Shelf Software vs Custom Software

Technology has changed almost every aspect of running a business. The operating software and programs that organizations use vary from business to business, but each one of these software systems has its own benefits.

Of all the time that people spend on technological devices, about 80% of that time is spent inside various apps. Custom mobile application development plays a very large role in software design. Globally, the number of people who are using cell phones grows about 42%, annually. Technology is advancing at an extremely fast rate and software developers are some of the front runners.

Off the Shelf Software vs Custom Software:

There are many benefits of custom software development, but the main benefit is simply the customization. No matter what industry your organization is a part of, because of the new technological innovations, you should be able to get brand new software designed specifically for your company or field.

Off the shelf software programs are not completely obsolete. They are typically much easier to access and still have plenty of advanced technology implemented within these systems. It really depends on the company itself. Here are some positives and negatives involved with off the shelf software vs custom software:

Custom Software


    • Have access to any custom changes to software.
    • If there are rapid changes in your industry, custom software options can help you keep up with the technology.
    • Fast and custom web application development services . According to WhiteHat Security, the majority of a company’s web issues were resolved an average of 193 days after the issue was brought to their attention.
    • The ability to add on at any time.


    • Much more expensive than other software options.
    • Takes more time to get in the beginning.
    • Customization changes could potentially be charged.
    • Rapid change in industry may require more and more customization.

Off the Shelf Software


    • Much cheaper in the initial purchasing stage.
    • Has a lot of features that could benefit your business.
    • Free upgrades may be available.
    • Technical support typically is available.


    • Much more difficult to adapt to technological changes in industry.
    • Might not work with your specific system as well as others.
    • Many of the features available may not be useful for your business.
    • Can be slower or have more technical issues.

Choosing off the shelf software vs custom software systems really comes down to the specific business. Doing the necessary research is very important when determining what software will help your business grow with all this rapid technology.