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Oracle Releases Mobile Point-of-Service (POS) For Retailers

In an effort to help retailers speed up their customer transaction process, Oracle recently announced the release of their Mobile Point-of-Service, which is an extension to their already-popular Retail Point-of-Service. However, the main difference when Mobile Point-of-Service is that it allows retailers to help customers with service questions or even checkout from remote locations anywhere in the store. Instead of the customer waiting in a long line to purchase a product, they can scan the barcode and purchase it without every walking up to the front counter. This may sound like a futuristic type of shopping experience, but it’s already here with hundreds of companies using it. To learn more about Oracle’s Mobile Point-of-Service and how it’s changing the face of retail shopping, keep reading.

Features of Oracle’s Mobile Point-of-Service

The primary benefit from retailers using Oracle’s Mobile Point-of-Service is that it gives customers a greater amount of freedom to purchase and interact with products and employees without having to go wait in line. In large cities such as New York, Chicago and L.A., this feature could be a huge help in increasing the overall customer experience. It should go without saying that some stores simply don’t have enough employees to handle the huge volume of clients and customers that come in to shop. The Mobile Point-of-Service app could make things easier by taking a load off the workers.

Oracle’s Mobile Point-of-Service app does more than just allow customers to purchase items from anywhere in the store. If an item in the store is missing a price tag, the customer can use their handheld device to scan the barcode and identify the listing and price associated with it. The store can even add images to go along with this information, adding yet another level of depth to the customer’s experience.

There are countless other features offered by Oracle’s Mobile Point-of-Service that we simply don’t have enough time or space to cover here. Store’s require special ovverride features to set and modify prices on the fly, which is offered through their Mobile Point-of-Service. Employees and attendants can easily make changes with the push of a button.

Like most other products offered by Oracle, their Mobile Point-of-Service is able to work on a number of different devices. Because it features a cross-platform system, customers can pick up and use it without fear of it not working on a certain operating system or device. Whether you have an Apple iOS device or Google Android device, you can install Oracle’s Mobile Point-of-Service and start your remote shopping experience.