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Oracle Releases Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software

Ealirer this week, Oracle announced the release of a new and improved version (V2) of their Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software. As opposed to the previous versions, this one is aimed at combining virtual with hardware computing to allow a more functional cloud-based data storage system. As you expect, there are some pretty big changes with the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software V2 in order to accomplish this. If you intend on using Oracle to store your company’s data, it’s important that you know what these are.

Improvements in Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software

When asked about Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison stated that it was “one great big honkin’ cloud,” Of course this sounds about right with all the features and abilities offered in their new cloud software. Up until now, most cloud systems relied heavily on the virtual side of computer processing. However, the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software is designed to produce better results by combining physical hardware and software to work better with one another.

The first version of Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software actually came with built-in vitalization capabilities. Unfortunately, it was limited in terms of capabilities and effectiveness. Although the latest version, V2, has included server level virtualization to make processing huge piles of data a breeze, regardless of the situation.

Oracle has stated their intentions with Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software is to create a more effective business data storing system. They designed it specifically to run more business-oriented types of software, such as ERP and CRM systems. These hardware-intensive applications oftentimes bog down servers and systems with a load that’s too much for them to handle, resulting in instability and crashes. Thankfully, the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software V2 solves this problem, at least partially, with their combination of virtual and physical hardware computing.

Another notable feature that’s added in the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software V2 is the virtual assembly capability, which allows you to access all of the web data on a server. Instead of being forced to crawl through piles of data to find meta tags and other web info, you can simply download and re-use it directly from the server.  In addition, there’s a “deploy” button that allows users to install all of the specified processes for them. As you can see, Oracle really stepped up their game with their new version of Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software. It’s faster, works more efficiently and features a powerful ability to download web data from a server.