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Oracle Purchases SelectMinds

Last week, Oracle took another bold step in the direction of employee-recruitment software with their acquisition of SelectMinds. If you’ve kept up with Oracle’s acquisitions this year, you may remember the earlier purchase of Taleo. Well, it’s believed that SelectMinds and Taleo will both skyrocket Oracle into the employee-recruitment sector, with them being able to offer companies top-of-the-line software that no one else has. Of course any acquisition for Oracle is usually a good thing, as they can leverage their current resources and projects to make the most out of their new properties. Here we’ll take a closer look at their most recent acquisition of SelectMinds and reveal how it will affect Oracle going forward.

Overview of SelectMinds

Most people have never even heard of SelectMinds, let alone know what they do. Basically, SelectMinds is a software developer that helps companies and organizations locate candidates for job positions through social media networking sites. Their software accomplishes this in a few different ways, one of which is by posting ads for jobs on some of the most popular social media sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. Skilled individuals seeking work may find these job ads and contact the company regarding a position. Another way their software works is by allowing current employees to share information about job openings. For instance, if an employee is aware of a job opening, he or she can post information about it on the company’s Facebook page.

The entire purpose of SelectMinds is to find skilled candidates for a job opening at a company or organization. Anyone can throw up a classified ad in a newspaper in hopes that the right person will come along. Unfortunately, however, this usually doesn’t attract the skilled candidates you’re looking for. As technology and the times change, so do we. Instead of using dated recruitment tactics, you must utilize social media networking sites to find the candidates your company or business needs to succeed. Analysts believe Oracle made a smart purchasing decision with their acquisition of SelectMinds, as social media networking sites are only going to get more popular in the future. Companies across the work will be eagerly looking towards solutions and software offered by Oracle to find skilled candidates to fill their job positions.

It’s important to note that SelectMind’s software was already compatible with Oracle’s cloud-based software; therefore, the transition was made much more smoothly. Instead of working on cross-platform compatibility issues, Oracle was able to easily implement their new software into their current lineup.