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Oracle Introduces New Apps For PeopleSoft

As you’re probably aware, one of the world’s largest IT conferences, OpenWorld 2012, is currently going on in San Francisco, California. This annual event hosted by Oracle is the perfect opportunity for the massive database company to unveil new products and services, and this year is no exception. Yesterday, Oracle showcased three new mobile applications developed specifically for their PeopleSoft financial suit. To learn more about these new apps and what they’re intended to do, keep reading.

Oracle’s New Mobile Apps For PeopleSoft

As stated above, Oracle introduced three new mobile apps for PeopleSoft financial software. They are Mobile Expenses, Mobile Approvals and Mobile Company Directory, all of which are designed to allow business owners and managers to perform financial processes from the comfort of their mobile device, instead of being forced to go into the office. There isn’t much to say about the functions of the apps, as their names basically explain what they’re used for. Mobile Approvals is designed to allow for the approval of expenses, purchase orders, vouchers and any other costs. Mobile Expenses is designed to allow employees to log business-related expenses on their mobile smart phone or tablet while traveling or away from the office. Lastly, Mobile Company Directly is a full-scale directly that allows the user to add new listings from their cell phone or tablet.

One of the most impressive features with Oracle’s new mobile apps is the fact that they don’t require downloading. Instead, all you have to do is log in to the appropriate IP address with your username and password and you’ll be given access to the mobile app. Mobile Expenses, Mobile Approvals and the Mobile Company Directly apps are all HTML5/CSS 3, so there’s no download necessary to run them.

It’s no secret that Oracle is moving towards cloud-based data storage, and this is just one of the prime examples of their ultimate goal. Although Oracle’s OpenWorld is still going on, they’ve already showcases a lot of products and services designed for cloud-based storage. In addition, Oracle has also been focusing a lot of their efforts on the mobile market with new applications frequently being showcased. It seems like the company is keeping up with the times by developing functional products in some of the fastest-growing IT markets. If they keep this trend up, we’ll likely see more and more cloud-based and mobile apps developed by Oracle, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.