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Oracle Improves Solaris With 11.1 Update

As you may already know, it’s been a while since Oracle has released any major updates towards their Unix platform. Thankfully, however, they recently released a much-needed Solaris update aimed to improve the efficiency of Oracle’s Unix platform. Known as the 11.1 update, this latest update covers a lot of ground in terms of cloud-management and auto-fixing errors and bugs. Even though previous versions of Unix have been relatively stable and safe to use, this latest Solaris update adds an extra level of protection for users. If you’re a Unix user, keep reading and we’ll go over everything you need to know about Oracle’s latest 11.1 update.

This recent 11.1 update is considered to be the largest Unix update done by Oracle in over a year. Even though the company has been busy patching and fixing exploits found within the Unix system, they never really went full force into optimizing the system until now. The 11.1 update is designed to better improve functioning between Unix, Java and Oracle’s database, which are three commonly used applications by most Oracle product users. If you use one of these products, chances are you use the other two. In fact, Java programming is used by most computers that connect to the internet, as well as traditional cell phones.

The Oracle team was able to make these big changes to the 11.1 Solaris update with the increased resources and funds the company set aside for this project. Using these resources, the development team was then able to communicate and connect with the database and Java teams. As a result of this increased productivity, the 11.1 Solaris update turned out to be one of the most impressive improvements ot the Unix system in over a year.

Another notable improvement with the 11.1 Solar update is the increased cloud-management capabilities. While previous versions of Unix have allowed users to access remote data stored on a cloud-based server, this latest updates makes the process easier and allows for more features to be implemented.

Even with all of the improvements listed above, the biggest advantage to updating your Solaris to 11.1 is the improved security settings, which are designed to find and fix flaws on their own. You’ll still need to run regular security checks and maintenance, but the 11.1 update makes things easier by doing much of this work by itself. It may sound like science fiction to some, but the system is able to find out what’s wrong with your system and fix it without any extra effort.