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Oracle Framework Now Available For Android and Apple

Earlier last week, Oracle announced the general available of their Application Development Framework (ADF) for iOS and Android smart phone users. This was welcomed news by most industry professionals, as Oracle has yet to provide a mobile ADF application that’s available on the smart phone. Now, however, Oracle ADF users can access and manager their accounts from using an otherwise application on their phone. Whether you’re sitting on the couch, riding a bus or flying on a plane, you can manage all your ADF accounts using this app. If you’re interested in learning more about the ADF smart phone app and what exactly it does, keep reading.


How It Works

Oracle’s new ADF smart phone app uses JAVA and HTML coding to build enterprise applications in mobile environments. This may sound a little confusing to some, but essentially the application allows users to work on a single code that ties directly into Oracle’s Application Development Framework. This type of cross-platform compatibility gives users the ability to take their work from the office anywhere they go. As long as you have a smart phone with this app installed, you can access and work on all of your ADF projects.

Oracle hopes this app will give developers access to native device services such as GPS, contacts, maps, etc. Using this information, developers should be more productive in a mobile environment. You have to remember that just because this app is cross-platform compatible doesn’t mean it’s going to offer all of the same features and functions as the PC version does. Many users find working in a mobile app environment is limited in terms of your function and what you can do. It’s likely Oracle will continue to upgrade, patch and improve their AFF app to better suit the needs of developers.

Cross-Platform Technology

If you keep up with news surrounding Oracle, you probably know by now that a lot of their recent business and development strategies have been focused on cross-platform technology. The company wants users of their software to be able to take their work with them and use it on multiple devices, which is the driving principle behind cross-platform technology. This latest ADF mobile smart phone app is just one of the many ways they’ve been venturing into this field. Of course cross-platform technology doesn’t come easily, as there are always bugs, glitches and other hurdles one must cross to successfully develop it. Thankfully, however, Oracle has done a phenomenal job with this application and several other projects.