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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Released

If there’s one thing you can count on with Oracle, it’s that updates, patches and improvements are bound to happen. Unlike other software and database companies, Oracle is constantly researching and tweaking their products to make them more user-friendly. They know the importance of having a quality product with happy customers, which is why they continue to make these improvements. One of the company’s latest releases is Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, and it features some notable improvements over previous versions. Whether you use this software or not, you should familiarize yourself on what it does. Who knows, using it could be a huge time and money-saver for your business or company.

What is Oracle Enterprise Manager?

If you’ve never used the software before, you’re probably confused at to what exactly Oracle Enterprise Manager does. In short, it’s a complete cloud management solution for your enterprise cloud. Does you business or company use enterprise cloud to store large amounts of data? There’s no denying the fact that it can easily become overwhelming and downright difficult to handle when it grows out of control. Of course them ore data you have to store, the more business your company is receiving, which is usually a good thing. The Oracle Enterprise Manager makes things easier by giving you complete control over the settings and functions in the enterprise cloud, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

New Improvements With 12c

Although there are several new improvements with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, one of the greatest is the implementation of public and private testing. If you want to see how a modification or tweak you’ve made to the enterprise cloud works without it officially going live, you can log in and perform either a public or private testing. If everything looks okay and there are no visible bugs or errors, you can leave the changes in effect. However, if you notice something is not working as it should, you can undo these changes without ever distrupting your cloud date. This is a huge improvement from previous versions which did not allow for this testing feature.

These new testing features are just a few of the many improvements made with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Another benefit that users may notice is the ability to share pooled cloud resources. This increases overall speed and performance, which is something everyone can use in today’s age.