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Microsoft Needs Software Developers For Windows 8 OS

In an effort to catch up with the ever-growing app markets held by Google and Apple, Microsoft has reached out to developers with a plea of help. They are hoping that developers will focus their time, energy and resources towards building ready-to-use apps for their Windows 8 platform. The problem is that Google’s Android marketplace known as “Google Play” and Apple’s app marketplace have already garnered quite the following. So, for Microsoft to come in and try to take a piece of the pie after Google and Apple have already been doing it for years it going to be quite the challenge to say the least.

As you may already know, Microsoft has been busy releasing their new Surface tablet, as well as their new Microsoft 8 operating system. Both the Surface tablet and their new operating system have touch-screen capabilities similar to an iPad. Compared to previous versions of Windows, this new Windows 8 is a step in a different direction. There’s no longer the traditional start menu at the bottom left corner of your screen with the quick launch bar. Instead, you’ll have to navigate through icons to find what you need. Whether this is a good or bad change is yet to be seen. Most users who’ve tried Windows 8 say it has numerous improvements and advantages over previous Windows operating systems, but it also has a steep learning curve that some people may not be ready for.

The problem with using an app-based OS is that it requires the devotion of developers to succeed. Google and Apple have achieved this with their millions of free and paid apps available to users. Microsoft, though, is new to the game and hoping to get into this competitive market with their Windows 8 platform. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made an announcement to developers at a conference in Redmond saying “Please go out and write lots of applications.”

In addition to their PC operating system, Windows has released several smart phones running customized versions of Windows 8. These devices need apps developed for them just as bad as the PC versions do, and Windows has addressed this concern at the developers conference. Without developers constantly pumping out new apps for these devices, their customer base will die off. To thank their developers for coming out to the conference, Microsoft game each of them a new Surface tablet, which was a nice gesture on their part. Even so, tickets to attend the conference cost upwards of $2,000.