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Learn How Hosted CMSs Improve Businesses

Two of the biggest concerns of any business today are cost reduction and productivity management. Storing data on site, as will be seen, is one of the largest costs any business contends with in this increasingly digital age. Productivity issues, another huge concern for businesses, costs almost 10% of total salary expenditures, according to Network World. Luckily, hosted content management systems can help with both of those issues.

What Are Hosted Content Management Systems?

Hosted content management systems allow companies to migrate their servers, including their databases, into an offsite storage system. The best content management systems offer intuitive content management tools, granting businesses an easy, convenient way of accessing the data they need at a moment’s notice.

Benefits of Hosted Content Management Systems:

Reduced Costs

One of the biggest advantages of turning to a cloud-based hosted content management system is the savings it provides. According to statistics from Forbes, by outsourcing server and database storage to business management software providers, companies can save as much as 23% on their infrastructure costs.

No Storage Limitations

As points out, hosted content management systems give businesses nearly unlimited storage capacity. Of course, more data brings higher costs — but at much lower rates than having to install onsite servers.

Increased Organization Equals Increased Productivity

Recent statistics from The Age show that workers spend almost 61% of their day searching for important information, looking through business email, and the like. Indeed, as Bloomfire points out, employees waste an average of nine hours a week trying to find lost information. Hosted content management system providers give their clients an easy way to migrate data in an organized way, meaning the days of wasting time on fruitless searches are over.

Positive Effects on the American Healthcare Industry, Others

Implementing so-called “health 2.0” technologies into the American healthcare landscape has long been touted as the salvation of an overburdened system. As documents from the U.S. National Library of Medicine show, patient care quality increased by over 12% when using cloud-computing solutions, like hosted content management systems. Successful portal development gives healthcare workers easy access to the content they need to safely and legally do their jobs, while making sure no unauthorized users get into the system.

The benefits don’t stop with American healthcare. Any business looking to greatly reduce its HR costs can also use hosted content management systems to great effect. As CMS Wire writes, American businesses spend an average of $1300 per year, per employee on training. Portal integration with hosted content management systems gives employees the ability to digitally train themselves, increasing their self service and nearly eliminating that $1300 price tag.

Hosted content management systems give American businesses the tools they need to operate productively and on budget, with a scalable, nearly limitless storage option. Whether it’s American healthcare, retail stores, or businesses who require a lot of extra computing power, hosted content management systems are the best solution.