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Koding Inc. Raises Over $7 Million in Investments

San Francisco-based software developer Koding Inc. recently filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claiming they’ve acquired over $7 million in private investments. This news came as a surprise to most industry professionals, as Koding Inc. is a relatively new company that’s just recently been gaining momentum. However, things happen fast in the software development business, and they could very well take that investment money and turn themselves into a household name through their products. So, what exactly does Koding Inc. do? Keep reading and we’ll give you the latest scoop on this company and their $7+ million investment.

Founded in 2011, Koding Inc. is a company that specializes in software development tools. One of their most popular and frequently used tools is a code-writing program known as “Koding.” Basically, Koding allows software developers to write programs and code straight from their internet browser without having to download or install any other third-party program. In addition, it’s cross-compatible with multiple languages including Java, Perl, Python and Ruby, all of which are integrated into the Koding tool.

The real benefit that comes from Koding is its easy-to-use interface that makes coding a breeze. There’s no denying the fact that coding is a tedious and downright frustrating task at times. You can stare at the screen for hours trying to fix a single line of code only to come up empty-handed at the end of the day. Thankfully, Koding makes this easier by integrating the editing tool directly into the user’s internet browser. Once your web browser is launched, you can immediately start coding using the Koding tool.

According to one of the developers for Koding Inc., they claim their Koding tool is going to revolutionize the way software developers make programs. While this may sound a little optimistic, it’s certainly within reach as they continue building momentum with their tools. The fact is that the software development industry is growing each month, and Koding Inc. is trying to take a piece of the pie by offering a unique set of tools to help other developers.

Before this whopping $7 million was invested into the Koding Inc., previous investors gave then $2 million according to documents filed with the SEC. It’s unclear how this money is being used, but it will likely go further into product development. After all, that’s what Koding Inc. is known for, and that’s probably how they will continue to make a new for themselves in the software development business.