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Is a New Version of Exadata on The Horizon?

As you may already know, Exadata is one of Oracle’s most powerful database machines to date. If you need a server to securely host huge database files for your company or business, you can’t go wrong with Exadata. Critics and previous customers across the world have only had good things to say about capabilities and features of Oracle’s Exadata machine; however, signs are pointing towards a new version of their already-powerful Exadata machine. While nothing has been confirmed yet, analysts are saying that Oracle is currently working on an upgraded Exadata system that’s more powerful and functional than the current version.

Unless you’re Larry Ellison’s golf buddy or have some insider knowledge of Oracle, you’re probably wondering why analysts believe a new version of Exadata is on the horizon. Along with some rumors being spread around the IT community, a piece of evidence could lie on their official website. Once of the vendors for the Exadata machine has their final purchase date set for September 3rd, which could mean that a new one is set for release soon. This is all speculative, but many analysts and IT professionals believe it’s a sign that Oracle is working or has already finished working on the new version of Exadata.

Oracle’s huge “OpenWorld” conference is scheduled to kick off at the start of October. Like previous shows in the past, a lot of mystery shrouds their presentations. With that said, it could be the perfect platform for the huge IT company to unveil their new version of the Exadata machine to the public. OpenWorld is a 3-day long event that draws thousands of professionals and journalists from across the world to listen to keynote speakers and interact with other professionals. If Oracle showcased their new version of Exadata, it would have quite an effect on the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, tickets for OpenWorld are out of most people’s budget, as they start at roughly $2,395 per person. If you have a job in the IT field and want to further your education by going, you can always beg your boss to pay for it on the company’s dime. This doesn’t always work, but many attendees get to visit OpenWorld for simply working in an IT-related field.

If you’re looking for a server solution to store sensitive database information, you should consider the Exadata machine. However, before you go ordering one, you may want to wait until OpenWorld has wrapped up to see whether or not Oracle is planning to release a new one in the near future. All signs are pointing towards an upgraded Exadata, but we’ll have to wait and see.