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Four Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile Application

Did you know that there are roughly 5 billion mobile phone users across the globe? Among these 5 billion mobile users, around 80% of their time is spent on mobile applications. Indeed, as the ownership and use of smartphones have increased over the years, more and more businesses have developed mobile applications, creating smartphone/tablet friendly versions of their websites that offer a customized user experience.

    1. Customer Access and Engagement
      When your business has mobile web application designs, customers can have your company and brand at their fingertips. With mobile web applications, website designers are able to easily customize content according to the user’s geographic location, and provided profile information.This makes for a customized user experience that wouldn’t necessarily be had with a typical website.


    1. Access to Customer Service and Support
      Mobile applications allow your customers to give you direct feedback and the proper tools to help you improve your products and services. This proves to be mutually beneficial: the customer feels heard and in turn feels loyalty toward your brand, while you are able to better customize your product to fit the needs of consumers.


    1. Improved User Experience
      The majority of internet users currently navigate the web using their mobile device or tablet. This can be unfortunate for companies whose websites aren’t compatible with these devices. According to research, over 61% of these mobile users will not use a site if it is difficult to load or navigate. Creating a mobile application will solve this problem, allowing your customers easy access to your products and services.


  1. Increased Sales
    Did you know that over 70% of individuals that use a tablet make an online purchase each week? This is likely because mobile applications make shopping an easier, more streamlined experience. Creating a customized application for your company will allow individuals to learn about, engage with, and purchase your products, no matter where they go.
    Using different types of software, website designers will be able to creative a mobile application that fits the needs of your business, helping your customers engage with your brand and products on a day-to-day basis.