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How To Create Business Proposals That Can Be Read on Any Device

Whether you’re making a sales pitch or responding to an RFP, your audience expects more from a proposal in 2016.

So how do you give the people what they want? All of the best proposal software has moved into the online space, which means you can finally stop worrying about whether your .DOCxyz file will be shareable on mobile devices like iPhones and Androids.

By migrating your company away from the ancient word processing and slide software of ye olde desktop, you can create dynamic, interactive proposals in a matter of minutes. That means you’ll save valuable time while also creating proposals far more likely to end in a conversion.

If you or your team regularly creates business proposals, then ask yourself what you look for in every proposal.

First, you need a good idea, and that’s something even the best online business proposal software can’t do for you — at least, not yet. But you also need your proposal to make you look good, which means it has to be professional, interesting, informative and convincing. Using online proposal software like iContracts, you can access all the tools you need to generate proposals, RFPs, and quotes that are all of the above:

  • Custom branded proposals and quotes
  • Go green by saving on ink and paper
  • Mobile support for iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Interactive features
  • E-signature approvals
  • Collaboration tools

Today, the average Millennial will spend at least two hours a day on a smartphone and use six apps or more. Keep up with the times by ditching old school proposal software designed for an earlier era. In the process, you’ll make it so much simpler for your team to collaborate and share when generating proposals. Research has shown that 59% of large enterprises use the cloud to improve integration between development and operations, but no matter the size of your team, shifting your workflow to the cloud makes it easy to collaborate no matter where you are.

Then there are the interactive tools, like real-time analytics, e-signature capabilities, and everything else you need to create a successful pitch here in the 21st century.

Remember: the best project proposal software makes you look good. By working with online proposal software you can take advantage of all the templates and design tools you could ever need. In the same way that 75% of consumers judge a business’ credibility based on the quality of their website, the way your pitch looks is a reflection of your entire organization.

By working with online proposal software, you’ll be able to craft the perfect proposal overnight the next time you have to create a killer pitch on deadline.