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BlackBerry 10 Ready For App Developers

In an effort to regain their footing in the smart phone industry, BlackBerry recently released the “gold” version of their developer’s kit so that app programs and developers can start working on full-functional apps for their BlackBerry 10 OS. The software kit, known as BB10 SDK, contains all the APIs and tools necessary to build an BlackBerry app from scratch, and many companies are taking advantage of this fresh new operating system by building their own apps. Of course there’s still some doubt regarding BlackBerry’s last ditch effort to compete with Apple and Android OS, as many people are saying it’s too little, too late. Here we’ll take a closer look at BlackBerry 10 and reveal what the future may hold for them.

Before we start, it’s important to note that BlackBerry 10 OS-based phones haven’t hit the market just yet. While developers are able to begin making apps for them, the phones themselves aren’t readily sold on the market. As a result, some of the smaller indie developers probably wont join in by creating their own apps until they are able to sell them. After all, creating apps now means you’re going to have to wait until the phone is available before consumers will purchase your app. Large companies like Chillingo and GameLoft aren’t waiting for this to happen, as they are  working around the clock to get their apps finished, reviewed and finalized before the release of the BlackBerry 10 phone. So, when is the phone expected for release? Currently, it’s set for a global release on January 30, 2013, but this could be pushed further back depending on the state of their app market and its overall stability.

Although the BlackBerry 10 isn’t available for sale yet, a select few individuals have been given the chance to test drive this new smart phone device and reviews are looking promising. Most of the people who have tried BlackBerry’s lastest mobile OS say that it’s a fresh new look that hasn’t been done by others. In addition to the operating system, the actual phone hardwood has a sleek and modern design that consumers are sure to love. No longer does it look like some bulky standard BlackBerry, but instead it’s more of a small smart phone with simplicity in mid, which is sure to convert some Apple and Android users. In any case, we’ll have to wait until next year to see how much of an impact BlackBerry can make in the smart phone market with their new OS platform.