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App Developers Begin Work on Upcoming iPhone 6

It seems like it’s only been months since Apple released their last iPhone, but the company is already allowing developers to work on creating apps and programs for their upcoming iPhone 6. As most people already know, apps are essentially what runs Apple products, the iPhone included. Without them, there’s no question that Apple devices would be dead in the water with Google’s Android surpassing them. Of course the big wigs over at Apple Inc. aren’t going to let this happen, which is why they are getting a head start on app development for the iPhone 6. Here we’ll take a closer look at just what type of developmental work they are doing and what you can expect with the new iPhone 6.

Contrary to some of the rumors floating around, the new iPhone 6 will not use the same old iOS 6 that the fifth generation iPhones are using. Instead, it will feature an entirely new iOS with several new improvements and upgrades. Like most things with Apple, the new iOS 7 has hidden by a shroud of mystery, leaving us Apple fans to speculate what kind of changes are going to be made. According to the company, they are actually still working on iOS 7, which is likely where some of their developmental resources are going.

Something that’s important to note is that trace logs of the new iOS 7 have been showing up online. If you’ve been keeping up with Apple news over the past few years, you’re probably well aware of previous iPhone models that were leaked early. In fact, one of them even sold for tens of thousands of dollars not too long ago. It’s possible that leaked copies of iOS have made their rounds, giving people a first-hand look at the new operating system. Even if these logs are authentic, though, they still don’t possess any conclusive data or hardware specifics for the iOS 7.

The bottom line is that we’ll have to until Apple gives us some better details on the system before we can start making presumptions. Even the developers working on apps and the system itself are keeping their mouths shut about Apples new operating system. This is probably a good thing, as there’s certainly a privacy clause preventing them from leaking details to the public. In any case, keep your eyes and ears peeled for new developments on the iPhone 6 and the upcoming iOS 7, because both of these Apple products are sure to be the next big thing in the mobile cyberspace.