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Advantages of Using Oracle Accounting Software

The truth is there are dozens of data storing options at your disposal. Yet even with the incredible amount of options, most large companies and businesses put their faith in Oracle accounting software. Whether they’re a large bank, accounting firm or a local retailer, most of the time they’ll find that Oracle software offers the best data storage for their needs. Lets take a look at what makes Oracle software the go-to choice for so many businesses.

Handles More Transactions

Simply put, Oracle software can handle more transactions that any other options currently available. A popular alternative to Oracle is MySQL and while it does offer many of the same features and functions as Oracle, it’s much more resource-intensive. That same computing task you run using Oracle software could bog down your system resources to a crawl if you ran it on MySQL. If you’re currently using MySQL databases to store lists of your clients, email addresses or other data, you should consider switching to Oracle for the fact that it uses system resources more wisely.

Ease of Backup

One of the most attractive features of Oracle software is the ease of backing up your files. There’s a built-in tool with Oracle which makes backing up all of your data a quick and painless task. No longer are you forced to go through each and every database file to manually back them up. Instead, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions with the tool to have all of your databases backed up at once.


If you’re familiar with Oracle, you probably know how frequently they release updates for their products. Each time I read the news surrounding Oracle, I hear about a new update that’s focused on fixing a bug or improving the quality of their software. Sure, other data storage companies release updates as well, but not as frequently and polished as the ones provided by Oracle.

More Tools

Oracle offers a vast array of tools and options to make your data storing tasks less of a hassle. At first, you may find the sheer number of tools at your disposal overwhelming until you’re able to fully grasp their purpose and concepts. However, once you begin working with them, you’ll find they’re a huge help in achieving the tasks you need to be done.

With all of these advantages, it’s hard to claim there’s a better storage option than Oracle. Yes, Oracle does charge licensing fees, but it’s a small price to pay for everything you get with the software.