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3 Tips for Designing a Medical Website

Medical consultation has been largely outsourced to medical websites, believe it or not. Research shows that 77% of patients use a search engine before booking an appointment. For medical practices, using Internet marketing tools has become invaluable. Consider that 81% of Internet users looking for health-related information will click on a sponsored link, making a PPC strategy very valuable. Of course, traditional SEO strategies can also change how visible a physician is on the web.

Another valuable tool for generating new patients and improving the quality of care for existing ones is maximizing the potential of your website. Medical website design is not to be underrated — your homepage often forms the first impression many people make of your business.

Take a look at these tips to maximize the potential of your healthcare website design:

Use An Intuitive Navigation System
As with all websites, it is extremely important to make the interface welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly — usable. If people cannot easily access the information they need, they will form negative opinions about your business and the professionalism of your practice.

Make Sure Your Referral Tracking System is Top of the Line
When referring a patient to another physician or a specialist, it is important that there is software in place to let you know whether or not the consultation report was received in time. The system should log all referrals, schedule return appointments, and be easily updated. While most of this referral tracking system won’t be available on your website, you should make some aspect of it available for patients so they can see that you have well-built record keeping software for them to keep track of their appointments.

Test Your Design
Don’t run your page blind! Make sure to test out all of its features, from its referral tracking software to correct payment methods. Not only should the site run correctly, but it should contain only correct information. Your credibility as a medical institution is on the line when it comes to your website.

In a 2015 study of marketers working for healthcare organizations, 90% of respondents said their organizations lack marketers with sufficient digital skills. Don’t let your medical offices or practice fall prey to this pitfall and update! Contact web development specialist with experience creating websites for doctors.