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3 Little Things That Make a Big Sales Difference

Marketing in the digital world is radically different than it was even just 10 years ago. With more avenues to promote your products and overall brand, it can be difficult to figure out which way to turn first. There are certain thing, however, that are simply expected of major companies at this point, and even health care professionals can take a page out of their book. Read on for how you can boost sales within your company.

App Availability
Nearly 80% of the time people spend on mobile is now spent using apps. So it makes sense that you should at least consider launching an app to promote your business. For health care professionals, this could simply mean launching an app with medical advice, which shows off your expertise in the field.

Did you know that companies who post 21-50 blogs a month see an average of 45% higher web traffic? That web traffic often turns into sales leads if you know what you’re doing. First of all, medical website design tends to be very stoic, so you can choose a more fun template to stand out. If you like healthcare website design, you could also simply focus on bringing the best content possible to your audience. Most people tend to look for functional website design with relevant content, so if you can get that down, you’re on track!

Optimization for Mobile and Tablet
Websites for doctors should also be optimized for use on tablets and smart phones. The desktop version simply does not suffice on these types of devices, because the website design process for the two is different. About one third of Americans now own a tablet or e-reader, so it’s a good idea to fix this now if you haven’t already.

Have you been incorporating these ideas into your website design process?