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3 Key Marketing Strategies to Know

To be a successful marketer in today’s society, you need to have way more skills than any marketing professional used to need. It is almost like needing the knowledge of a few people to do one job. With all of the different platforms you need to keep up with, it can be helpful to get a hand every once in a while. A study done this year found that 90% of respondents did not believe they have marketers who possess digital skills. Check out our top three marketing strategies that you need to know in today’s market.

Functional Website Design
Functional website design is huge, especially in terms of medical website design. Whatever healthcare website design you choose needs to give your consumers easy access to the information they need, and educate them on what it is that your business can help them with. Ideally, websites for doctors should have several tabs, with subdivisions to categorize all information.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines are the number one source of website traffic to content websites, according to OutBrain. Paying attention during the website design process to make sure that your website meets guidelines and uses sufficient keywords can mean the difference between gaining on sales and losing.

Content Marketing
Websites with blogs have, on average, 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links, which is all the difference in the world. Content marketing on blogs is something that cannot be faked. This is what will bring consumers back to your brand time and time again. When they associate your brand with people who know their field and who can give them expert advice, they are more apt to choose you when actually purchasing a product or service.

Are you currently using any of these marketing strategies? Are there any big ones that we missed that you love? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!