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2012 Oracle Acquisitions

In the past, we’ve done some blog posts covering a few of Oracle’s acquisitions and what kind of impact it made on the company. As you probably know, Oracle is constantly buying up companies to help increase their productivity and overall presence in the data managing field. Here we’ll take a closer look at all of acquisitions made by Oracle in 2012 (thus far).


The first acquisition made by Oracle this year was Taleo for $1.9 billion on February 9th. Taleo, a maker of web-based employment software, was a significant jump of nearly 30% in their shares after the deal. While some people may argue that Oracle overpaid for this acquisition, most analysts say it was a fair deal that will benefit Oracle in the long run. You see, Taleo uses cloud computing as the backbone to most of their software, which is a highly popular area which Oracle is trying to expand their reach in.


The second 2012 acquisition made by Oracle was ClearTrial for an undisclosed price on March 29th. In keeping up with their efforts to improve cloud-based computing, Oracle went ahead with the purchase of ClearTrial, a company which uses cloud-based medical software to run clinical trials of new drugs.


Oracle purchased Vitrue for an estimated $300 million on May 23rd. This acquisition took analysts by surprise because of the nature of Vitrue. Unlike previous acquisitions made by Oracle, this one was for a company in the social marketing field. Basically, Virtue helps companies develop their presence on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Collective Intellect

Yet another acquisition made by Oracle this year was Collective Intellect for an undisclosed price on June 5th. Collective Intellect is a cloud-based provider for social media solutions. In addition to their acquisition of Vitrue, it appears that Oracle is certainly paving the way for a stronger presence in the social media networking field.


Oracle purchased the social media developer Involver for an undisclosed amount on July 10th. It’s believed this acquisition was made to improve their social media and marketing tools available at their disposal.


The latest acquisition made by Oracle was the purchase of Skire for an undisclosed amount on July 19th. Skire is one of the largest project management groups for real estate companies and agencies. With the combination of Oracle’s database abilities, they could change the face of real estate software in the very near future.