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Oracle Releases Quarterly Patch Update

In an effort to fix a number of vulnerabilities, bugs and glitches, Oracle is planning to release a major update later today that will cover hundreds of the company’s products. If you’re an Oracle user or administrator, you should prepare yourself now for these updates, as they could take a while to complete. While some people may find downloading and installing all of these updates a time-consuming, bothersome task, you have to remember that they

Oracle Releases New Java Patch

Earlier last week, Oracle released a patch for their Java web programming code aimed to resolve certain flaws hackers were exploiting. If you’ve been keeping up with news surrounding Oracle, you may be aware that a number of hacker attacks have been made through their Java programming language. This raised concerns of several digital security firms worldwide. In an effort to prevent further attacks, Oracle has released a Java patch to fix the flaw being exploited by hackers. To learn more about