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What’s In Store For Oracle In 2013?

As the 2012 year draws to a close, many IT industry professionals are looking back at just everything Oracle has managed to accomplish. Not only were they able to go above and beyond what analysts were expecting, but they also acquired numerous companies that strengthened their overall portfolio. Some of the Oracle acquisitions which took place in 2012 include Eloqua, DataRaker, Instantis, SelectMinds, Xsigo Systems, Skire, Involver, Collective Intellect, Virtue, ClearTrial and Taleo. While we

Oracle Plans To Purchase Eloqua For $870 Million

Earlier this month, Oracle announced plans to purchase Eloqua for a cool $870 million. With headquarters based in Vienna, Eloqua is a company that specializes in marketing analytics software for businesses of all sizes. Along with their dozens of local clients, Eloqua offers their software and services to businesses from all parts of the world. So, what does Oracle plan to accomplish from this high-dollar acquisition? Keep reading and we’ll go over some

Oracle Acquires DataRaker

Last week, Oracle announced plans to purchase DataRaker for an undisclosed amount. Although Oracle has purchased nearly a dozen companies this year alone, this is the first acquisition of a company in the water and energy sector. Unless you knew otherwise, one might assume this acquisition to be a mistake on Oracle’s part. After all, how is an energy company going to improve Oracle’s portfolio and long-term goals? Like all of their business endeavours

Oracle Launches Combined Traffic Monitoring Program

Earlier this week, Oracle announced plans to merge two of their most popular traffic-monitoring programs into one all-inclusive security software suite, making it easier for customers and clients to protect the integrity of their databases. The two programs being merged into one are Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall, both of which are designed to keep customers’ Oracle and non-Oracle databases safe and secure. So, what’s the point of combining these two programs into one? Keep

Oracle Annouces Plans For “CloudWorld”

If you’ve been keeping up with news surrounding Oracle, you’re probably aware of how much they’re pushing for a strong footing in cloud-based computing. As a result, they’ve acquired several large companies to help them meet this primary goal. However, one of their latest tactics was the announcement of Oracle CloudWorld, which will be a large convention of industry leaders and professionals where Oracle can demonstrate their cloud-based computing abilities. Although the world’s first

Oracle Negotiates Deal With The Australian Department of Defense

It seems like Oracle is signing large-scale deals to companies and businesses everywhere you turn, but this could be one of their biggest yet. Earlier this month, Oracle announced a four-year deal that was negotiated with the Australian Department of Defense for a whopping AU$60 million. In exchange, the Australian Department of Defense would have access and use to a wide range of Oracle products and software. To learn more about this latest deal, keep reading and we’ll give you the latest scoop.


Oracle Releases Sun Storage Archive Manager

Earlier this month, Oracle release two new products designed to help users better manage their storage environments. These products are Oracle Sun Storage Manager 5.3 and Sun QFS 5.3, both of which are intended to improve IT performance for companies and business with large storage databases. However, this is really only scratching the surface as to what these two products are capable of. To learn more about Oracle Sun Storage Manager 5.3 and QFS 5.3, keep reading and we’ll give you the latest

Oracle Knowledge 8.5 Released

Earlier last week, Oracle released the first major patch to their Knowledge 8.5 software since their acquisition of InQuira. This came as welcomed news to thousands of companies and business across the world utilizing Oracle’s state-of-the-art management software. Of course the previous version was completely capable of handling any and all tasks thrown at it, but there are several improvements and fixes made with version 8.5. If you’re interested in learning more about Oracle Knowledge 8.5

Oracle Boosts Cloud Portolio With Instantis Acquisition

Last week, Oracle announced their latest acquisition of Instantis for an undisclosed amount to the press. This should come as no surprise to those who are familiar with Oracle’s business plan of widening their reach of cloud-based computing. Just a little over three months ago, Oracle purchased Skire, which is a company that handles operations similar to Instantis. Both of these companies have a strong footing in the cloud-based computing industry, and Oracle hopes these additions to their

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Purchases Lanai

Recently, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison purchased roughly 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai for an undisclosed amount. The island was previously owned by billionaire David Murdock, who is ranked the 130th richest person in the Forbes 400. Although Ellison hasn’t spent a lot of time on the island after acquiring it, he has made a couple notable improvements that have pleased the residents in a positive manner. To learn more about this recent purchase by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and what he intends

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Released

If there’s one thing you can count on with Oracle, it’s that updates, patches and improvements are bound to happen. Unlike other software and database companies, Oracle is constantly researching and tweaking their products to make them more user-friendly. They know the importance of having a quality product with happy customers, which is why they continue to make these improvements. One of the company’s latest releases is Oracle Enterprise Manager

“Oracle Day” Held in Oman

As you may already know, Oracle’s largest convention, OpenWorld, just wrapped up for the year in San Fransisco, California. This annual event is traditionally held in San Francisco where thousands of business professionals and journalists come to see what’s in store for Oracle; however, a smaller event, Oracle Day, is held almost a world away to offer an alternative to those who can’t make OpenWorld. Oracle Day took place this past weekend in the Arab state of Sultanate of Oman, or what’s

Oracle Framework Now Available For Android and Apple

Earlier last week, Oracle announced the general available of their Application Development Framework (ADF) for iOS and Android smart phone users. This was welcomed news by most industry professionals, as Oracle has yet to provide a mobile ADF application that’s available on the smart phone. Now, however, Oracle ADF users can access and manager their accounts from using an otherwise application on their phone. Whether you’re sitting on the couch, riding a bus or flying on a plane, you can manage

Oracle Improves Solaris With 11.1 Update

As you may already know, it’s been a while since Oracle has released any major updates towards their Unix platform. Thankfully, however, they recently released a much-needed Solaris update aimed to improve the efficiency of Oracle’s Unix platform. Known as the 11.1 update, this latest update covers a lot of ground in terms of cloud-management and auto-fixing errors and bugs. Even though previous versions of Unix have been relatively stable and safe to use, this latest Solaris update adds an

Oracle’s New GoldenGate Offers Real-Time Data Integration

There’s no denying the fact that Oracle has remained on the forefront of data software. Ever since the company’s inception over 50 years ago, they’ve been helping businesses big and small with all of their data storage needs. Once of Oracle’s latest products is GoldenGate, which offers real-time data integration, allowing businesses and users to instantly see changes made in their database go into effect. Of course this is just one of the many

Oracle Announces SRM Suite

While OpenWorld was taking place in San Francisco earlier this month, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced plans to release Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite. In the past, Oracle has done very little in terms of social media networking and software, but this could change the face of their business. The Social Relationship Management Suite will include programs that allows companies and businesses to engage, monitor, analyze and update their accounts on all of the leading social media networking

Oracle’s Spithill Wins America’s Cup Race

In a move that shocked spectators around the world, Team Oracle’s Jimmy Spithill and his crew were able to come back from last place and win the America’s Cup catamaran racing event this past Sunday. It wasn’t a pretty race for Team Oracle’s Spithill and the rest of the crew, but they were able to pull out of last place and pass every single one of the other catamarans as they raced down the coastal waters of San Francisco. Of course it didin’t hurt that the scoring system in place for

Oracle and Google Seek To Appeal Java Ruling

There’s a long-running battle over whether or not Google infringed upon Oracle’s intellectual rights when they developed and released the Android operating system. According to Oracle, Google used large chunks of their Java code to create their mobile Android operating system. As a result of these claims, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google back in 2010 claiming the search engine giant stole their copyrighted content and used to build their mobile operating system. After much deliberation,

Oracle Introduces New Apps For PeopleSoft

As you’re probably aware, one of the world’s largest IT conferences, OpenWorld 2012, is currently going on in San Francisco, California. This annual event hosted by Oracle is the perfect opportunity for the massive database company to unveil new products and services, and this year is no exception. Yesterday, Oracle showcased three new mobile applications developed

Oracle Agrees To Nokia Mapping Deal

In a move that surprised analysts across the world, cell phone maker Nokia announced plans to team up with Oracle to give customers a better overall experience on their Nokia cellular devices. The news came early Monday morning when a spokesperson for Oracle made an announcement to the press regarding the company’s plans to team up with Nokia at OpenWorld. If you’re interested in learning more about this deal and how it will affect Oracle customers,

Is a New Version of Exadata on The Horizon?

As you may already know, Exadata is one of Oracle’s most powerful database machines to date. If you need a server to securely host huge database files for your company or business, you can’t go wrong with Exadata. Critics and previous customers across the world have only had good things to say about capabilities and features of Oracle’s Exadata machine; however, signs are pointing towards a new version of their already-powerful Exadata machine. While

Oracle Purchases SelectMinds

Last week, Oracle took another bold step in the direction of employee-recruitment software with their acquisition of SelectMinds. If you’ve kept up with Oracle’s acquisitions this year, you may remember the earlier purchase of Taleo. Well, it’s believed that SelectMinds and Taleo will both skyrocket Oracle into the employee-recruitment sector, with them being able to offer companies top-of-the-line software that no one else has. Of course any acquisition for Oracle is usually a good thing,

Oracle Releases Mobile Point-of-Service (POS) For Retailers

In an effort to help retailers speed up their customer transaction process, Oracle recently announced the release of their Mobile Point-of-Service, which is an extension to their already-popular Retail Point-of-Service. However, the main difference when Mobile Point-of-Service is that it allows retailers to help customers with service questions or even checkout from remote locations anywhere in the store. Instead of the customer waiting in a long line to purchase a product, they can scan the barcode

Oracle Releases New Product For Indian Market

Yesterday, Oracle announced the launch of their Exalytics software intended to strengthen their hold in India markets. Although Oracle’s new software has many functions, its primary goal is to help businesses and enterprises use better analytics to make smarter moves. As you may already know, better analytics is one of the keys to running a successfully business, which is what Oracle is trying to do with their Exalytics software. So, just what can we expect after the launch of Oracle’s new

Oracles Continues Work On Itanium Software

If you keep up with the on-goings of Oracle, you may remember last year when they said that they will no longer be updating or continuing to work on database and other software for Hewlett Packard’s Itanium server. Although they aren’t one of the most commonly-used types of servers, hundreds of companies worldwide still use HP-UX servers and rely on the Itanium platform. As a result of Oracle’s announcement to stop work on Itanium-based software, these companies were essentially left in

Oracle Releases New Java Patch

Earlier last week, Oracle released a patch for their Java web programming code aimed to resolve certain flaws hackers were exploiting. If you’ve been keeping up with news surrounding Oracle, you may be aware that a number of hacker attacks have been made through their Java programming language. This raised concerns of several digital security firms worldwide. In an effort to prevent further attacks, Oracle has released a Java patch to fix the flaw being exploited by hackers. To learn more about

Oracle Leaks Sales Document

Earlier this year, you may recall the acquisition of human resource management group Taleo by Oracle. The company was believed to have been purchased for a whopping $1.9 billion by Oracle, which makes it one of their largest to date. Now that Oracle owns Taleo, they’re looking for ways to sell it to potential clients and business. In an effort to accomplish these sales, they’ve created a 48-page pdf sales guide for their employees to use. However,

Oracle Working Around The Clock To Fix Java Exploits

In an effort to prevent more users from being distributed by cyber attacks, Oracle is working around the clock to fix the exploits in the Java programming language. If you’ve kept up with news in the IT field recently, you may be aware that malicious hackers have been exploiting a flaw in Oracle’s Java language to manipulate users’ computers. Although it’s only affected a small percentage of users, it’s still important to understand how this exploit could affect you. To learn more about

Team Oracle USA Kicks Off America’s Cup World Series

Although the official America’s Cup is nearly a year away, 8 teams from different parts of the world sailed into the waters off San Fransisco to compete against one another in a 6-day long event known as America’s Cup World Series. As you may already know, Oracle Team USA are the defending America’s Cup Champions and were ready to compete in full force. To learn more about this exciting yachting event, keep reading.

Who Competed in The America’s Cup World Series?


Oracle Releases Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software

Ealirer this week, Oracle announced the release of a new and improved version (V2) of their Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software. As opposed to the previous versions, this one is aimed at combining virtual with hardware computing to allow a more functional cloud-based data storage system. As you expect, there are some pretty big changes with the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software V2 in order to accomplish this. If you intend on using Oracle to store your company’s

Oracle Team USA Seeks a High Tech Edge in America’s Cup

Oracle Team USA has announced their plans to use high-tech wifi and other technology on their yacht to give themselves an edge over their opponent in the 2013 America’s Cup. Oracle Team USA are the defending champions who will go up against an international team next year. To learn more about this exciting and competitive yacht race, keep reading.

What is America’s Cup?

America’s Cup is one of the oldest international sports to date in which two teams race one another using

Oracle Agrees To a $2 Million Settlement

Earlier today, Oracle Corp. reached an agreement with SEC regarding their financial practices in India. The SEC claims Oracle violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act when by setting aside funds and keeping them off the books. This money was then being sent to phony vendors and could potentially be used for bribes. Oracle cooperated with the SEC investigation and cam to an agreement on a $2 million settlement. To learn more about this case, keep reading.

When Did It Occur?


Oracle Open World 2012 – What To Expect

With September right around the corner, IT professionals and enthusiasts everywhere are gearing up for Oracle’s annual Open World conference. As you can expect, there’s going to be tons of features and products highlighted here, so you’ll want to register now. In addition to reserving your spot, an early registration will save you as much as $500. To learn more about Open World and how you can attend, keep reading.

What is Open World?

Open World is the world’s largest conference

Google and Oracle Ordered To Reveal Paid Writers

One of the biggest tech lawsuits of our time is that of Oracle Corp. vs Google Inc. over the use of Java in their Android mobile OS platform. Although a federal judge has already declared the use of Java was under the “fair use” statute, U.S. District Judge William Alsup has ordered both parties to disclose any and all payments made to bloggers, writers or journalists who wrote about the case. Judge Aslup went on to say that he is concerned the companies are paying others to write about the

SAP To Pay Oracle $306 Million For Copyright Infringement

Business software developer SAP has agreed to pay Oracle Inc. a sum of $306 million. Originally, Oracle won a $1.3 billion copyright infringement lawsuit against SAP back in 2010 but a judge reduced the amount to $272 million. Instead of taking the $272 million, Oracle opted for a new trial which was scheduled to take place on August 27th. SAP and Oracle both decided that a $306 million judgement would cost less money and time spend in court, therefore it would mutually benefit both parties.


Oracle Buys Xsigo

Earlier this week, Oracle Inc. announced that a deal was in place to purchase Xsigo Systems. While the terms of the deal remain disclosed, analysts believe it was a pretty big buy, even for Oracle’s standards. Here we’ll take a closer look at this deal and reveal how it could affect Oracle in the years to come.

About Xsigo Systems

Xsigo Systems is a supplier of software defined networking (SDN) technology. While the company has many

Oracle Announces San Fransisco Music Festival

Today, Oracle announced their very first music festival which will take place in San Fransisco California. Even though this is the first time Oracle has hosted a music festival, the line up of events and artists looks promising to say the least. To learn more about the Oracle music festival, keep reading and we’ll give you the latest scoop on this highly-publicized event.

When and Where Is It?

The Oracle music festival will take place from September 30th to October 4th at various

2012 Oracle Acquisitions

In the past, we’ve done some blog posts covering a few of Oracle’s acquisitions and what kind of impact it made on the company. As you probably know, Oracle is constantly buying up companies to help increase their productivity and overall presence in the data managing field. Here we’ll take a closer look at all of acquisitions made by Oracle in 2012 (thus far).


The first acquisition made by Oracle this year was Taleo for $1.9

Oracle Closing Sun HPC Language Fortress

After working on the project for nearly a decade, Oracle is finally “winging down” development of the Fortress programming language which was originally started by Sun Microsystems. As you can expect, the company ran into some serious hurdles which limited their ability to finish the Fortress project in a reasonable amount of time. However, Oracle has claims to be winding down on the project.

What is the Fortress Programming Language?


Oracle Purchases Skire

In a bizarre twist of events, Oracle announced their plans to purchase the project development company Skire. According to Oracle, a deal has already been made but they didn’t go into the financial details regarding it. To learn more about this and what it could mean for the future of Oracle Corp, keep reading.

What is Skire?

Originally formed back in 2000, Skire is a large-scale project management group that offers services, tools and

Advantages of Using Oracle Accounting Software

The truth is there are dozens of data storing options at your disposal. Yet even with the incredible amount of options, most large companies and businesses put their faith in Oracle accounting software. Whether they’re a large bank, accounting firm or a local retailer, most of the time they’ll find that Oracle software offers the best data storage for their needs. Lets take a look at what makes Oracle software the go-to choice for so many businesses.

Handles More Transactions


Oracle Focusing on iOS Java

If you’re the owner of an iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably noticed by now that java isn’t used on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. While this may not be a big deal to some individuals, others will find it quite a nuisance. In the past, Apple has come out adamantly rejected Oracle’s plan to use Java on their iOS operating system. However, this may soon change as Oracle is planning to continue forward in their efforts of using Java on iOS.


The upcoming JavaOne

Oracle vs Google Lawsuit

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the heated lawsuit going on between Oracle America and Google Inc. According to Oracle, Google infringed on their patented Java API to use for their Android operating system. To learn more about this lawsuit and how it may affect you, keep reading.

About The Lawsuit

Oracle is suing Google Inc. for a whopping $6 billion dollars in damages as a result of them using their Java API code on the Android operating system.

Oracle iPad App

Did you know Oracle has their iPad app? It’s actually been released for quite some time, but I just recently got my hands on it and figured I’d write a little bit about.

About The App

The Oracle iPad app was originally released towards the end of last year, but if you’re familiar with how this company operates, you know they like to frequently make updates to their products. The Oracle iPad app is no exception, as it’s undergone several

How To Learn Oracle

So, you want to learn how to perform functions in an Oracle database environment? There’s no denying the fact that operating Oracle is both a fun and rewarding experience that can lead to a lucrative career, but you must know the steps to get on the right path. Like most things in life, learning Oracle takes time, patience, dedications and loads of hard work. To find out more about Oracle and how to learn the concepts of it, keep reading.

Where Should I Start?

While many people

What is Oracle Software?

While most people have at least heard of Oracle software before, few actually understand what it is. The fact is that it’s one of the most widespread and commonly used types of software available, and no matter what type of business you operate, chances are it will benefit from using it. Lets take a closer look at just what oracle software is and how it can benefit you.

When people refer to “Oracle software”, they are most likely talking about the Oracle database or Oracle RDBMS.

Oracle’s Spithill Wins America’s Cup Race

In a move that shocked spectators around the world, Team Oracle’s Jimmy Spithill and his crew were able to come back from last place and win the America’s Cup catamaran racing event this past Sunday. It wasn’t a pretty race for Team Oracle’s Spithill and the rest of the crew, but they were able to pull out of last place and pass every single one of the other catamarans as they raced down the coastal waters of San Francisco. Of course it didin’t hurt that the scoring system in place for