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Reasons Your Business Needs To Have A Mobile App

If you’ve been wondering what app game developers and website designers can do to help you expand your business, you’re on the right track. Web application development is a great way to bring your business up to speed, especially when mobile phone users are 5 billion strong and growing. Almost one-third of all Americans own a tablet or an e-reader, and 80% of time spent while using any mobile device is spent inside of applications. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are some of the

Four Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile Application

Did you know that there are roughly 5 billion mobile phone users across the globe? Among these 5 billion mobile users, around 80% of their time is spent on mobile applications. Indeed, as the ownership and use of smartphones have increased over the years, more and more businesses have developed mobile applications, creating smartphone/tablet friendly versions of their websites that offer a customized user experience.

Customer Access and Engagement When your business has mobile web

Web Application Development: A Few Basic Pointers to Get Your Business Running

In today’s digital age, consumers expect a certain kind of professionalism when it comes to choosing businesses. More often than not, a client’s first impression of a business is based on the company’s website. If the website is clean, organized, and accessible, they are more likely to choose the business than if the website is plain, clunky, and slow. That is why building solid websites and web

Three Reasons Mobile Applications Are a Must for Any Business

The digital age has reached an important milestone. According to Business Insider, the use of mobile devices will eclipse that of traditional desktop PCs by year-end 2014. We’re a third of the way in now, so that change is coming awfully fast.

Whether you run a software company or a local ice cream shop, this shift towards mobile warrants your consideration. Gone are the days when you could focus on website design and web applications that only

Taking a Look at The Future of Mobile Software Development

With the prices of smartphones hitting an all-time low (some of which are free with a contract), more and more software developers are focusing their efforts on mobile apps. While no one knows the exact amount, it’s estimated that there are over 1 billion smartphones being used in the world. This number is shocking considering the fact that smartphones were a luxury item just years ago, but now it seems like practically everyone has one. As a result, the demand for new mobile apps and software