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Oracle and Google Seek To Appeal Java Ruling

There’s a long-running battle over whether or not Google infringed upon Oracle’s intellectual rights when they developed and released the Android operating system. According to Oracle, Google used large chunks of their Java code to create their mobile Android operating system. As a result of these claims, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google back in 2010 claiming the search engine giant stole their copyrighted content and used to build their mobile operating system. After much deliberation,

Oracle Releases New Java Patch

Earlier last week, Oracle released a patch for their Java web programming code aimed to resolve certain flaws hackers were exploiting. If you’ve been keeping up with news surrounding Oracle, you may be aware that a number of hacker attacks have been made through their Java programming language. This raised concerns of several digital security firms worldwide. In an effort to prevent further attacks, Oracle has released a Java patch to fix the flaw being exploited by hackers. To learn more about

Oracle Working Around The Clock To Fix Java Exploits

In an effort to prevent more users from being distributed by cyber attacks, Oracle is working around the clock to fix the exploits in the Java programming language. If you’ve kept up with news in the IT field recently, you may be aware that malicious hackers have been exploiting a flaw in Oracle’s Java language to manipulate users’ computers. Although it’s only affected a small percentage of users, it’s still important to understand how this exploit could affect you. To learn more about

Oracle Focusing on iOS Java

If you’re the owner of an iPhone or iPad, you’ve probably noticed by now that java isn’t used on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. While this may not be a big deal to some individuals, others will find it quite a nuisance. In the past, Apple has come out adamantly rejected Oracle’s plan to use Java on their iOS operating system. However, this may soon change as Oracle is planning to continue forward in their efforts of using Java on iOS.


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