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law firm website design

5+ Successful Law Firm Website Designs and Why They Work

Clients expect a professional appearance and tone with a law firm. The law firm website design should reflect this image. Great design with authoritative content improves visitor satisfaction, leading to more service inquiries.

Imagine the opposite:

What if someone were to land on a website looking frozen in time since the ’90s? What if they had trouble navigating, preventing them from learning about services?

That’s no good.

Unfortunately, many law firms operate out-dated websites. They’re clunky and actually detrimental to the firm’s practice and lead generation intent. In some ways, the clunky site is turning potential clients to competitors!

What goes into a successful law firm website? What design features are a must to compete with nationwide firms? Keep reading to find out.

A Lesson in Law Firm Website Design

Picking apart a competitor’s website is one of the best ways to make improvements to your own. Larger firms have likely spent thousands developing their website. And, likely even more money refining its experience, conversion rates, and SEO.

Keep this in mind when browsing:

  • What stands out
  • What they push

Answers to these two keep the site simple yet effective. Your site isn’t bogged down by superfluous features and distractions. 

Have a look at the following for your law firm web design inspiration:

1. takes the minimalist approach to web design.

You’re greeted with a stark bonsai tree and a simple header: “Vancouver business lawyer. Nothing Fancy”. As you scroll, you learn about Jeremy’s legal services with up-front pricing. 

The page flows straight to a contact form. Simple and effective.

What makes it good

It’s not so much what it does great but what it avoids: bloat. Visitors get a complete overview of legal services without dancing around the topic. 

  • SEO-focused
  • Fast loading
  • Simple, distraction-free

The storytelling conveys a personality as if you’re in direct communication. This is great for connecting with its visitors. The personal experience helps visitors overcome their objections to the services.


What stands out the moment you land on the page? A warm, greeting smile from the firm’s center, John Morgan. As you scroll, you’re prompted not by their services but by their work. This includes testimonials, winning verdicts, and nationwide coverage.

What makes it good

  • Branded
  • Personalized
  • Detailed

A glance through each service page shows a keen eye for design. On-page SEO is extensive, supported by stats, structure, and reviews. The sense of family is strong, building an emotional connection with potential clients.

The front-and-center contact is a perfect example of a refined sales funnel. Users get reminded of the firm’s expertise and value through reviews and verdicts. Plus, the pop-up creates instant engagement — something worth exploring in your design.


The offices of Feldman, Kronfeld, and Beatty displays your standard law site. Yet, it feels at home if you were a New York resident. The site displays NYC images, relevant NYC keywords, and tailored NYC content.

The use of buttons and extensive interlinking makes navigation a breeze. This, alone, will deliver the appropriate content and offers to visitors. Add an instant calling feature and sidebar contact and they’re surely gaining leads.

What makes it good

  • Embraces its location
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Decluttered

The FKBeatty website is a perfect starting point for fledgling law firms. It’s nothing special, but worth noting because it’s simple and effective. The effectiveness is what matters, after all.


JLongtin Law takes a page out of the minimalist playbook. Disregarding the hero image, what stands out is the use of “compassionate”. As you scroll, you get the sense the attorneys care for the wellbeing of their clients.

The simple design of the site prevents distractions. This drives visitors to services pages where they’re greeted by a host of videos. This firm is a great example of leveraging video marketing for lead acquisition.

What makes it good

  • Video content
  • Soft but striking wording
  • Approachable personalities

There are ways to improve the law firms marketing. Adding a prominent call-to-action is one such addition. Yet, the whole experience flows, keeping you engaged until you’re on the phone with the firm.


A keyword rich domain and keyword use set a frontrunner in its space. It may not have the charming personality of our other examples. But, it does an amazing job in using content and SEO to lock in leads.

What makes it good

  • Strong site structure
  • Extensive SEO use
  • Refined sales funnel

Those with a budget should consider this law firm design as a top-tier example. Point your dev at this site and they’ll have everything needed to work off of when developing yours. In fact, you can likely use their work as a template for much of your law firm marketing and content ideas.

The Common, Must-Have Features in Law Firm Web Design

What is the TL;DR of legal web design? Consider the following:

  • Personality — Ditching stock photos for real images of the team. And, conveying their message as they would in-person (jargon-free).
  • Boldness — Large, striking hero images conveying power. This includes the team or legal images one associate with expertise and law.
  • Up-front Messages — Not burying the important information like fee structures. They value a visitor’s time, letting them get in, educated, and primed.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses — They’re refined in this message and service. They tout their expertise while admitting their faults. They use transparency as a selling point.
  • Simplicity — Avoiding redundant contact forms and fields. Business gets discussed in-person or over-the-phone. They don’t place contact hurdles because they know many clients are in dire needs.

There are, of course, dozens of microfeatures that make a great law site. But, if you can nail the power, authority, and value then you’re 80% of the way there.

Like What You See? Let’s Make It Happen

Whether you want to replicate the look of a great law firm website design. Or, want to add features you found in the examples — count on us to get it done.

We’ll help you build or redesign your online presence.

Call now, (855) 350-0707, or browse our expert web design services. We’d love to work with you in developing a law firm website you can be proud of.

how to prevent data breaches

How to Prevent Data Breaches for Small to Large Businesses

Many organizations face challenges when it comes to how to prevent data breaches.

In a recent survey, 35 out of 100 global retailers cited customer and employee information as their top priority. This report ascertains that threats to information security are real problems for businesses across the world.

Some years ago, data security was a concern for big companies, but the narrative has changed over time. Today, hackers can target anyone, including individuals.

A cyber-attack can hurt a company in several ways. Apart from fraud, it can permanently taint the reputation of a business.

Most customers and vendors are not comfortable transacting with businesses known to have experienced data breaches. Even after years, it remains hard to regain the trust and confidence of partners.

Therefore, the management must lay down stringent measures for securing the organization’s information. Read on to learn how to prevent data breaches.

Involve Your Employees

Workers who continually interact with a system are the most probable suspects of compromising security. Similarly, they may be the first ones to note anomalies when an attack takes place.

IT managers should involve all employees when launching information security strategies. They should train them on the importance of complying with the fundamentals of data security management. Some principles include:

  • The need safeguard passwords
  • Not to write down their passwords
  • Never to open unknown emails and attachments
  • To shut computers when not in use
  • To avoid foreign storage devices
  • To avoid pirated  software

Some of these things look obvious, but most users are not keen with them. Help them to understand their importance. Before installing new security solutions, brief your employees.

Hire a Data Security Manager

Hiring an in-house expert to deal with information security is not a priority for most SMEs.

The IT department feels too expensive to maintain until a disaster occurs. The damage and penalties that can result from a data breach can outweigh the cost of hiring a professional.

Master Your Network

Networks can expand in a short period. If you don’t take control from the start, it becomes hard to manage them in the future.

They comprise of multiple users, devices, and data. Know the storage location of all data, the people who can access it, and what they can do with it.

Identify the number of devices on the network. Disconnect any gadgets that are longer in use. If computers become obsolete, extract any relevant information and destroy them.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Most data breaches become successful if the information is understandable. Encryption converts data into an unintelligible format that requires a unique key to decode it. If an intruder accesses encrypted data, it may not be useful.

The staff should ensure that the sites they visit are secure. They should never open the organization’s system on open connections since hackers can sniff on them. For instance, they can capture your data when accessing it through public WiFi.

Similarly, ensure that your software-as-a-service (SAAS) and cloud service vendors encrypt your data.

Backup Important Data

Investing in high-end data security solutions is not a guarantee that a breach cannot happen. Criminals hone their skills every day. They stay abreast with developments and devise new methods to launch attacks.

One possibility of a data breach is data loss.

If you have backup copies of the information required for your day to day business, you have little to worry about after a violation. You can also set up your system from scratch in the case of ransomware without conceding with the demands of the hacker.

Install Ad-Blockers

Installing an ad-blocker on every device connected to your network can go a long way in averting malicious activity. The software tool is powerful, and it offers several benefits.

First, it stops irritating pop-ups and pages from opening spontaneously on the browser. Hence, they eliminate distractions for users.

Pop-up ads can waste considerable bandwidth and hurt page load times. You can solve this problem with a reliable ad-blocker.

Unsolicited online ads are distractive. By getting rid of them, you increase your employees’ throughput. You also eliminate the possibility of workers clicking on fraudulent ads that could open a way for violation.

Update Your BYOD Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a popular trend with modern companies. Businesses adopt it because it saves them the cost of supplying tech equipment to workers.

Welcoming external end-point devices creates room for vulnerabilities. The question of how to prevent breaches when you have personal gadgets on your corporate network keeps arising.

You can solve it by ensuring that all gadgets follow data security procedures similar to those of your in-house system. The IT department should be able to control access to company resources remotely.

Have an Incidence Response Plan

Since you never know when a breach will happen and what its extent will be, it’s advisable to have an emergency plan. Develop a well-thought incident response strategy to control damages after an attack and be sure to consult IT experts.

Contact your insurance company and financial institution to find out the available cyber liability coverage options. The plan should capture essential dates as well as time-sensitive requirements.

Data breaches attract the attention of the media. You should plan on how to address them if an attack occurs. Likewise, devise a strategy for dealing with customers and employees who get affected.

You can also have a data breach attorney on standby to take you through recovery if the worst happens. If the incident ends up in the courts, your lawyer can help with the litigation process.

How to Prevent Data Breaches – Wrapping Up

You can do a lot to avert or arrest malicious activity, but it’s hard to have tamper-proof data security. A  firewall, for instance, won’t be enough if you expose your passwords.

One of the best practices for safeguarding your network is creating staff awareness. You can back it with restrictive data access permissions, encryption, hiring an IT manager, and so on. Above all, employees should take it as their responsibility to prevent and report breaches.

Has your organization ever experienced a cyber-attack? Now you know how to prevent data breaches.

If you have challenges with developing a data security strategy, contact us for advice.

top managed services provider

How to Find the Top Managed Services Provider That’s Right for You

Having a full time IT support department is a huge expense for an SME. Yet, small businesses heavily depend on IT for their operations.

So what happens if you can’t afford a full time IT support?

You look for a top managed service provider.

A lagging website, extended downtime or lack of a particular IT resource could force clients to take their business elsewhere. Hence, it is essential to have a reliable company handling your IT support to avoid such instances.

Nonetheless, a bit of due diligence is required when selecting a suitable IT management services provider; to ensure you get the best fit for your needs.

If you are looking to procure IT management services, here are the main factors to consider in a potential company.

Start By Assessing Yourself

Before commencing the search for a suitable IT service provider, it is advisable to first asses your current IT situation; and determines what is lacking or needs upgrading.

Every industry has a set of IT requirements that differ with other sectors. For instance, law firms require secure database solutions more than they require artificial intelligence solutions. Hence, knowing what you need for your organization is essential to deciding on a suitable IT solutions company.

Make sure to document the number and type of computer/servers you use; any industry-specific software packages/ applications you utilize; whether you require remote access to your network and databases or do you prefer on-site access only.

A well-detailed list makes it easier to determine the minimum requirements an MSP should meet before you consider them.

What Collection Of Services Do They Provide

A critical factor in selecting a suitable IT management service provider is their ability to provide all the services and infrastructure support you require; under one roof. It would be pointless, to acquire database solutions from one company and acquire cloud computing solutions from another company.

Hence, when looking for a suitable MSP, make sure you look at companies that are offering all the solutions you need under one package.

Additionally, you want to look for additional services you may require in the future. As your business continues to grow, you will eventually need other IT services such as cyber-security. This may apply if your company handles online payments or stores sensitive information on servers.

Hence, when choosing an IT service provider, make sure you check for all the services you currently require, as well as the services you may need in the future.

A simple checklist could include:

  • 24/7 remote support
  • 24/7 remote website, database and network monitoring
  • Hardware and software installation
  • Periodical hardware and software maintenance and upgrade
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Cloud base solutions for remote access
  • Remote and onsite diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Live cybersecurity monitoring for unauthorized access to your data network or systems

Screen Potential Managed Service Providers Based On Expertise And Reputation

When looking for an IT services provider, start by consulting other businesses in your area. Call as many firms as you can. Inquire about the IT services vendor they utilize as well as their reliability. If a company gets recommended more than twice; shortlist them as a potential candidate.

When reaching out to the potential companies, make a point of inquiring about all the service you require now and in the future. It is also beneficial to ask if they have worked with a business similar to yours. For instance, if they have worked with other, law firms, accounting firms, etc.

If so, ask them to provide you with the contacts of those companies as their referrals. Make a point of calling each reference and ask about the service provided by the referring companies. Key questions to ask include:

  • How effective their solutions are for the businesses industry standards?
  • How well and how often do they communicate with clients in terms of providing reports?
  • What is their response time to various emergencies such as downtime, data breaches, etc
  • How do they perform on multiple aspects of service such as periodical hardware and software maintenance and upgrades?
  • How often do they conduct on-site checks to ensure everything is smooth?
  • Do you have a designated technician on call?
  • How good are they at consulting with the clients on their needs?

Again, make sure to shortlist your potential candidates based on the type of feedback you get from the referees.

Evaluating The Price Model Of Each Company

Now that you have a few remaining candidates, it is time to have a look at the costs. In a bid to provide price ranges for their customers, managed service providers offer payment models based on the services a client wants.

There are four types of price models, and they are as follows:

Per-device pricing

This model stipulates getting charged a flat fee for every device that gets monitored. The devices may include desktops, laptops or mobile devices. The advantage of this model is that a business can scale up and down the number of devices they want monitoring.

However, the pricing can get exceedingly high if the number of devices rises.

Per User Pricing

Per-user pricing is similar to the per-device model. Here a fixed rate gets charged per user irrespective of the number of devices in use. This model is suitable for businesses with high device utilization.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing involves providing a set number of services in a package. The packages can be tiered as basic, standard and premium where the basic is the cheapest but has the least amount of services provided. The premium package on the hand will have the most services offered but for a premium price.

The advantage of this model is that a customer gets to choose a package that provides the services they want. Unfortunately, depending on the scale of your business, there may not be a package inclusive of all the services you need.

Value-based Pricing

This model is an all-inclusive package of every service available. It is an excellent option for businesses that need many services.

One advantage of this style of pricing is that it has value for money. However, if you do not need all the services provided, you are paying extra for unnecessary service.

Hence, when looking at the pricing models of an MSP, it is best to choose a company that offers a personalized pricing model. This allows you to choose the individual services you want and pay the appropriate amount for them.

Finally On Choosing A Suitable Top Managed Services Provider

Before signing the Service Level Agreement, there are a few extra checks to make to ensure you are dealing with a top managed service provider. These checks include insurance and warranties to guarantee you get compensated, should anything go wrong with the MSP.

Additionally, ensure the Service Level Agreement includes the details of your procured services. The details include:

  • The duties of the MSP
  • The terms of performance and termination of the agreement
  • The warranty and insurance details.

If you need professional IT management services for your business, get in touch with us. Let our dedicated team of technicians provide you with world class IT solutions.